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Behavioral Health & Crisis Consulting consists of the multiple services offered by Renee Cox (Renee Balodis-Cox) as well as the connections she has with affiliated professionals conducting similar work and more.

Currently, Renee stays busy with her primary work through the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission as an instructor teaching Law Enforcement professionals in the area of Crisis Intervention. She also offers de-escalation and other trainings to a variety of groups and professions, including healthcare professionals, social service organizations, and schools.

Renee also works with law enforcement agencies in Critical Incident Stress and Peer Support programs. Renee received an MA Degree in Community Counseling in 1997 and three years later completed a Master's level program in behavioral physiology (the study of how behavior and mental health affect the body, and vice versa). Renee started her career working with behaviorally disturbed youth and doing family therapy in community mental health.

Renee began as an Edgework® trainer in 2002 teaching de-escalation and crisis management techniques to staff in social service agencies and healthcare, and in 2004 progressed to working with law enforcement, and then corrections, and security. Currently, Renee (along with two other trainers) has the primary contract at the Criminal Justice Training Center and the Basic Law Enforcement Academy for the Crisis Intervention Team trainings here in Washington State.

Renee also holds a role as the consulting MHP for two local police departments on their Critical Incident and Stress Management and Peer Support teams.

Some of Renee’s other experience includes teaching graduate counseling students and serving on the board of the Washington Mental Health Counselor’s Association. Currently, Renee has a part-time private counseling practice in Redmond focusing on supporting individuals and couples through a variety of issues.

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